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Pearls: Timeless Beauty

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If you’ve been following us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen photos from our recent trip to Asia.  We were there to select some gorgeous pieces for our spring collection.
Besides unique designs and cutting edge fashion, we wanted to give you something timeless; a classic piece that would not just last a season, or a year, but a lifetime.
And what’s more classic than a strand of pearls?
Christen found a lovely bracelet for her thestyleassistantbrand complete with a beautiful string of pearls (this bracelet will be available in just a few weeks).
But we still wanted more, so we dove into one of the largest pearl markets in the world and found a little treat for you: 10 millimeter pearl studs.
Because we think that every lady should have a pair of pearl studs to her name, we aren’t offering these for sale.  Instead, we’re going to tuck a pretty little box with a pair of these inside into each of your orders in April and May as our gift to you.*
*The pearl studs will be white or pink and we will include them free of charge in every order in April and May while supplies last.

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