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Hamlet: More than a Throw Pillow

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The Hamlet throw pillows are our newest addition to our home décor options; we discovered them while walking down an alley near one of the fabric markets in Guangzhou.  We weren't really looking for another product, but these jumped out at us and we had to stop.

The pillow seller had at least thirty different pillow designs, he told us that he ran a family business, and as if to prove his point, while we were sifting through the stacks of pillows, a little girl came out of the back of the shop to watch us with wide eyes.  This clenched the deal for us because more than we love great products, we love supporting families and their businesses.

Out of the many designs we found, the four that you'll find in our store stood out to us as distinctive patterns that would complement and contrast with other pillows or stand on their own.

For our own bedrooms, we chose to mix and match the designs, but you should do whatever strikes your fancy.

For the month of May, you can use offer code SGPILLOW for 20% off your purchase of a Hamlet pillow.

Happy May!

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