Our Story

Our world is defined by people. In the past, the world was largely shaped by men, but recently this has begun to shift as strong women have emerged from every continent. 

    We’ve seen the world changing around us. Leaders such as Melinda Gates, Malala Yousafzai, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus many more have come to define womanhood. Their passion and strength have inspired women around the world to also rise up and discover their own internal power.

    We love seeing how fashion has transformed to embrace this change. Bold or understated, colorful or neutral, every piece of clothing and jewelry that we wear makes a statement about us, our personality, our life.  Powerful women need to make a powerful statement in the world and our passion is to help you to make that statement. 

    Standing Goose is an exclusive accessories brand with handpicked designs from around the world. We love to dig into exotic markets and uncover hidden shops with beautiful unique items that may never otherwise be shared with the outside world.

   In Chinese, the word for penguin is literally translated as "standing goose". It is a unique perspective on a word about which most of us don't give a second thought. This idea of giving a new and fresh approach to something that most consider "normal" is at the core of our brand and our beliefs. The world is a new and exciting place, so join us and discover your own internal power. 

Standing Goose - Your new fashion secret.